“You have probably heard this a million times, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you know much your compassionate care has meant to me. Not only do you have a careful touch and concerned heart, but you have true “gifted” talent of healing and recreating people’s lives. You one of God’s great artists!”

“What amazing things happen when I connect with your office! I just love being there – your office energy is 100% positive and my results were very pleasing. The first day was a great reunion and the results were very pleasing. The second day – what a hoot! It was a memory making experience. You are just wonderful. Thank you for being such great people and I love you all! I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple months. What fun!”

“Was just at adoro yesterday. It was a wonderfull experiance as always. Friendly staff relaxing enviroment, the staff always makes you feel welcome and glad to see u. I love going there and cant wait till my next appointment. Definatly the best injectables i have ever had and the skin care products are amazing and very affordable! Book your appointments today.”

“I wanted to thank you and your staff at the Center for Eye & Laser Surgery for the two procedures I recently had. Any feelings of uneasiness or fear that I had prior to the surgeries were eliminated through my discussions with you. It’s not easy to turn over one’s eyes or facial appearance to someone else. However, I just felt really comfortable in what you were telling me and the manner in which you conveyed it.

In re-reading some of the information presented at one of your seminars, I noted that you “feel it is of utmost importance that individuals be well-informed prior o undergoing any medical treatment.” Through your seminar, Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities, and discussions with you, I felt as thought I was well-informed, and prepared to make the decision regarding my surgeries.

My best wishes to you as you continue to serve others with your expertise and compassion.”

“For years, I had very heavy, drooping eyelids and when I read, I had to hold them up with my fingers. That is when I decided to see my ophthalmologist who advised me that surgery would take care of my problem. After a couple of years of searching, I found the Center for Eye & Laser Surgery and Dr. Pacheco – so I called for an appointment.

Upon arriving at the office, I noticed the competence and the friendliness and found that quite standard. Talk with the Dr., I knew that I had found the right person I could totally trust. The day of surgery, I received the same competence and friendliness.

Today, a few years later – it is still one of my favorite stories to tell. I did not want to keep the surgery a secret! I think everyone needs to support one another with their honesty.

I have had a lovely result, and after several years….my eyelids are still looking good. Best of all, I can read without the assistance of using my fingers to hold my eyelids open.”

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful treatments on my face and neck over the past year. I was feeling very, very old. I had a sagging chin, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet and many lines around the mouth.

My first consult resulted in Thermage, an un-painful, two-hour treatment which tightened my face and would continue to progress over a six month period. In April, we started (4) Fraxil Laser treatments which removed many layers of skin, blending the end result of flawless skin and leaving me with no age spots – feeling many years younger!

Several weeks later I returned for Botox and just enough Juvederm around my mouth and lips. I’m running into many people I haven’t seen in ages and they ask me what I have been doing to look so great. I just slip them Dr. Pacheco’s card. I would recommend the Center for Eyes & Laser Surgery to anyone. I will ONLY see Dr. Pacheco now.”
– Gini

“I just wanted to thank you for the care I received during my recent surgeries and post-op care. It was a very scary time for me and I appreciate your helping me through it. I also wanted to let you know what a special staff you have. They were all very friendly and caring – it was the most positive experience I have ever had in a medical office (and at my age, there have been a few!).”