If you had a heart problem, then you will need to see a cardiologist. You will need to select an oculoplastic surgeon to correct problems with your eyelids and surrounding structures. An oculoplastic surgeon specializes in treating the tear ducts, eyelids and surrounding areas.

Dr. Elba Pacheco is an oculoplastic surgeon who practices in Severna Park, Maryland. She has had over 20 years in clinical care and teaching. She is also a faculty member at John Hopkins at Winter Eye Institute, which is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Pacheco stated that her greatest satisfaction comes from helping her patients looking younger. She is dedicated to restoring the eyes functionally and aesthetically. Dr. Pacheco has had experience in brow surgery as well as other facial and cosmetic rejuvenation procedures. She performs both cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures. Not only does she have extensive experience, but she has a very warm bedside manner.

Dr. Pacheco started the Center For Eye And Laser Surgery and Adora Spa in 1999. This was after she worked as a faculty member at Wilmer Eye Institute for eight years. She is still a part-time faculty member at John Hopkins. This center is known for its first-rate care. Center For Eye And Laser Surgery is a place where people can get back a younger version of themselves.

In 2009, Dr. Pacheco opened a new Center For Eye And Laser Surgery in Severna Park, Maryland. Patients will receive the same individualized, first-class care. They will also be able to enjoy a more serene, elegant environment.

Dr. Pacheco completed her undergraduate training at Wellesley College. After that, she attended medical school at College of Physicians And Surgeons At Columbia University. After finishing medical school, she completed a residency in ophthalmology followed by fellowships in pediatric ophthalmology and oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

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